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Belle and the Beast

(% gallery name=cowgirlzen-feb4 %)

A Walk in the Park Production
Produced by: KerryLinn Terace

Photography: CowGirlZen Photography
Associate Photographers: Noe Sanchez and Jason D.

Directors: Justin Hackert and Noe Sanchez

Hair/Makeup: Bedouin Gypsy
Assistant: Lacy Gallagher

Staging: Bayy Quest, Noe Sanchez, Heather Reavis
Photographers Assistant: Lacy Gallagher and Noe Sanchez
Set Designers: Noe Sanchez Jenny Brundage
Weapons: Noe Sanchez
Locations: Eddie Christopher, Natalie's 1912 Restaurant on Gilbert Rd, Freestone Park
Locations Scouts: Noe Sanchez and Justin Hackert
Secretary: Nikki Rideau


Belle: Nikki Rideau (Steampunk Punk Western)
Beast: Justin Hackert (Diesel Punk)
Gaston: Dirk (Cyber Punk)
LeFoe: Wendy Trakes (French Steam)
Coggsworth: Bryan P Miller (Steampunk)
Luimere: Bayy Quest (French Steam)
Belle's father: David Wood (Steampunk)
Mrs. Potts: Judy Wood (Steampunk)
Chip: (Steampunk)
Beggar Woman: Marylin Ostrow (Steampunk)
French Maids: Heather Reavis, Lau Ra (French Steam)
Gaston's Ladies: Rosemarie, Jenny, April, Laura, Isabelle
Diabolic Doctor: Jason D. (Steampunk sinister)
Kevin Bowman

Dedicated to the creative hearts whose spirit of passion drives them on.